Waterproof | Silent | Weightless

Salty Bangs are waterproof, silent and weightless making them the perfect everyday accessory. As they don’t restrict your movement or weigh you down, you can wear them in the office, at the yoga studio, to the beach, any of life's adventures and tasks. Salty Bangs are made with organic polycarbonate tubing that is sound-proof and light, and filled with gold and silver leaf ensuring they never loose their shine.

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What People Are Saying!

It's safe to say - I LOVE MY SALTY BANGS! From the incredible quality, to the beautiful array of colours - I love that my daughter and I can have a little bit of matchy-matchy that is durable, timeless and oh-so-pretty. Salty Bangs are the perfect all year round accessory.”

Amelia Williams

“So grateful I came across these devine bangles. Not only are they so light weight I don’t feel like I’m wearing them which means I can run & workout in them - I love the daily mantras setting me up for the day. The perfect accessory all day every day.”


“I am very much in love with my Salty Bangs not only do they look gorgeous on but they are so light and quite too. I wear mine every day as they are perfect for when I am instructing fitness classes and exercising they don’t make a sound or get in the way. So so pretty and sparkly and very hard to stop at just 2, think I will be adding to my collection very soon.”

Charmaine Parsons

“best bangs ever they are so light weight and easy to wear, great for my sensitive skin and don’t have to take them off in the water.”

Sarah Jarvies