Our Story

 Hi I’m Liah,

I founded Salty Bangs earlier in 2020. I’m a wife and mum of three. Like many other life-changing moments, my children were the spark to Salty Bangs. Whether I was with my children or working my day job, I was so sick of noisy inconvenient jewellery. I wanted to feel stylish but I also needed something truly practical.

Anyone know the feeling?!

Our bangles are an investment because you’ll find yourself wearing them all day, everyday. They’re chic but they’re also soft, quiet, weightless and ideal for life’s adventures.

I’m a strong believer of intention and that our positive words can shape our life. Our Practice has been created for a thoughtful moment to bookend your day. As I roll my Salty Bangles on and off, I reflect on my blessings and future ahead.

Salty Bangs are waterproof, silent and weightless making them the perfect everyday accessory. As they don’t restrict your movement or weigh you down, you can wear them in the office, at the yoga studio, to the beach, any of life's adventures and tasks.


Each Salty Bangle has been made by a team of 20+ artisans, handmade and out of a labour of love. All Salty Bangles are made with organic products, therefore slight colour differentiation might occur, this is a natural outcome during the crafting process due to humidity and temperature conditions. Salty Bangles will age, develop character and remain beautiful as time goes on, just like YOU!


As you put them on in the morning, affirm your intentions for the day ahead. When you remove them in the evening, fill yourself with thoughts of gratitude. This daily ritual will focus your mind at the beginning and the end of each day. Another beautiful feature of Salty Bangles is that each one is detailed, ever so lightly in Thai*, with the mantras



“If you win the morning, you win the day.” - Tim Ferris